Microsculptures 0194 Chocolate Chip Silver Charm

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Microsculptures Inc.Original design by Pat FreyCast from durable and beautiful 925 Sterling Silver, hand crafted & antiqued to highlight details then polished to a brilliant shine.

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The chocolicious goodness: Remember those cookies that mom used to bake? The excellence of chocolate chips melting into the crisp bittersweet flavor of the cookie. This charm brings alive your Choco chip experience in the form of a charm. A synonym for love: Does the name chocolate chip sound familiar to what love and care feel like? If you love chocolate in any form, then you would understand the true love shared between your chocolate and you. That is why we have handcrafted this chocolate chip charm for you. Caramelized exterior in contrast to the fudgy interior: We took special care in crafting a perfect design of a Choco-chip as we aimed to capture the little details in a Choco-chip. This chocolate chip charm is ideal for any baker’s favorite charm bracelet. A welcoming shine: The chocolate chip charm is all set to adorn your charm bracelet. It is a perfect gift for bakers who love to craft their desserts with chocolate chips. Also, check out our other charms to pair this one with your favorite culinary collection.

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