Microsculptures 0652 Tortellini Pasta Silver Charm

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Cast from durable and beautiful 925 sterling silver, hand crafted and antiqued to highlight details then polished to a brilliant shine.

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Elegant curve and gentle fold: This pasta form is the perfect depiction of elegant curves and gentle folds. The crests and troughs are in a continuous pattern all around the surface. Get to cherish the taste of these little ring-shaped cases filled with meat or cheese fillings. Infused with great looks and perfect finish: Tortellini pasta charm is a unique handcrafted jewelry designed with the perfect looks and an exquisite finish. You can now create your bracelet, your necklace, or compose your earrings with this gorgeous tortellini charm. The charm won’t disappoint!: If you like pasta in all its forms, this charm will not disappoint! Marinated with priceless looks imparted by the presence of alloy, it is the most precious jewelry piece given to the admirers of this very extraordinary Italian cuisine. Emerging as the most popular version: These small rings, stuffed usually with meat or cheese when reproduced, emerge as the most popular version of the latest trends in the charm collection. The captivating look and the super shine have again highlighted the tradition of modern pasta dishes that once flourished in ancient Rome.

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