Microsculptures 0878 Zucchini Silver Charm

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Cast from durable and beautiful 925 sterling silver, hand crafted and antiqued to highlight details then polished to a brilliant shine.

Replacement Warranty: Lifetime

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Rich shine and overwhelming presence: The beauty of the versatile squash, rich in vitamins and minerals, is lovingly recreated for you. The very essence of a homegrown zucchini coming straight from the garden with a rich luster and overwhelming finish. Essentially mineral-rich, crafted with gorgeousness: The charming glow that this charm brings you is exemplary. The original design evokes the taste and flavors of a fresh zucchini, crafted with durability and the ideal finish in a charm. The sparkling shine exemplifies the gloriousness of the bounty of the garden. From the very inspiration of the designer: In addition to it being a versatile squash rich in vitamins, minerals, and plant compounds, this charm is the very inspiration of the designer. It is believed that she cared so much about her fruits and veggies that if a bird pecked a hole in one, she would put a little band-aid over the wound to make it all better. Lovely and original garden produce: The spell of this charm is very simplistic yet very sophisticated. It is nothing less than a good luck symbol of the harvest straight from the designer’s garden and now available to be added to your outstanding jewelry collection.

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